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Join the circular revolution.
Let us take care of it.

 We select the best sustainable products and deliver them to your door.

Yes, it’s that simple.


We select eco-friendly products.


We deliver to you by bike, 0 emissions.


We collect the waste generated and value it.

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We deliver it to you

It is important for us to reduce our footprint as much as possible. Carbon emissions need to be cut and cycling is a great way to do it! 

What customers say about us


 I love perpetual products: it is the second time I place an order and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The site is clear and they deliver on time. Definitely recommended to those that are concerned about sustainability and want high quality products. Good job!


 Switching to a greener lifestyle can be overwhelming. With so much choice, it’s difficult to know where to begin! That’s why I’m delighted with Perpetual Products. It couldn’t be easier to place and receive your order, and the products themselves are top of the range. But the best part is that I’m supporting local producers and know where the packaging goes afterwards! I’m looking forward to trying out new products in the future and will continue buying my favourites 💚


 High quality products delivered in the most sustainable way possible. I recommend!