Handmade Shaving Soap


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Handmade and biological shaving soap for sensitive skin. With a shaving brush, the soap foams well, and thanks to the caring and calming qualities of the avocado, castor and borage oils, the skin becomes soft and supple. Horse-chestnut extract has anti-inflammatory and astringent effects, nettle has a purifying effect and stimulates blood flow.
Larix contributes to the purifying and calming effect of the shaving soap, and it has a wonderful fragrance. In addition, this soap smells of cedar, eucalyptus and pine oil.

Because the base of this shaving soap consists of caring saponified oils, the foam will not remain as stiff on your face as with shaving soap or foam that is mostly made up of stearic acid (found on the label as sodium stearate). Such foam is stiff for a long time but also dries the skin. In order to shave carefully and without razor burn, you need not only foam but also the smooth film that this shaving soap applies to the skin. This cares for the skin and softens the beard hair, allowing you to shave smoothly and painlessly.

This shaving soap will last over a year.

Werfzeep are wonderfully mild, nourishing soaps, full of nourishing oils and naturally occurring glycerine. Vegetable, organic, and hand-made with love in a traditional way in Utrecht.

They don’t contain palm oil, animal fats, or irritants such as perfume oil, dyes, or foam improvers.


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